The Spirituality of Blogging… or The Spirituality of Not Blogging; take your pick, both from Andrew Jones — the latter being a plug of Si Johnston’s response, The Perils of Blogging? For my part, I consider blogging to be in some ways akin to the practice of keeping a journal, which in turn can be considered a spiritual discipline. Naturally this depends on the form, content, and purpose of one’s blog, but I submit that certain types of blogs can be done as a spiritual discipline.

Elsewhere, Scot McKnight raises the subject of Blogging as Pastoring, referencing blogging newcomer Lightning Atkinson’s post, blogging as apprenticeship. (Okay, is “Lightning” his real name?) This subject is one of the things about blogging that I personally did not expect when I started. I’ve been honoured to receive personal communication and comments here from people who, reading between the lines, seem to receive more mutual encouragement and perhaps (depending on how you see this working) even pastoral input through the online community than they do “IRL.” Let it also be known that I have been greatly blessed to be on the receiving end as well, being myself encouraged by and learning much from others in the online community.

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