You may have noticed the emerging-Winnipeg gang planning a soiré this Monday evening the 12th. Jamie always seems to try and get in a French word here and there… details as announced at Emergent Voyageurs. This is only the second gathering of a loose-knit group from all over… the first one having been a blast, and more pub than theology.

On Thursday 15th at 8:00PM, there’s a Theology Pub evening at Buccacino’s. This one is a bit more established as a monthly event, and is run by St. Benedict’s Table, a local Anglican congregation where we’ve been known to hang out casually. The venue not being an actual pub, the gathering is actually called “Theology by the Glass.” Topic for this one is a Christianity Today interview with Steve Bell from June. In the interview, Steve blasts the present crop of Christian songwriters pretty badly (and with good reason, in my view), so it should be an interresting time for that reason — and because Steve actually attends at SBT. They do have great music there, and it goes against the flow.

Whether or not you can make either of these events, I do commend the interview to you for reflection or online discussion… especially if you can identify with this snippet from it: in Steve’s words,

I get very upset about this whole thing. I have a very difficult time going to church because I can barely get through the worship part. And I’m finding that there’s more of us than you think. People are feeling like, “What’s wrong with me? I hate this music.” Well, that’s because it’s not sustaining music. It’s not leading us into the mystery of God—or the mystery of humanity and human interaction and suffering and joy.

Man, I’m there.

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