Oddly enough, I’ve had an easier time arranging meetings with local pastors in Winnipeg since leaving my CLB than I had with the pastors that were in my CLB while I was there. Now I have to spread it around though, because I’m doing the “churchless faith” thing. ;^)

So originally through my blog and then IRL, I’ve gotten to know a local pastor in Winnipeg — turns out he’s an old acquiantance of Robbymac as well, so we all did brunch a month back when we all managed to connect, which was cool. Anyway, the guy pastors a somewhat emerging-type church here in the city and as of today, Gerry is blogging under the name Soul Pastor. I guess we’re rubbing off on him. Some good opening thoughts there today about the church as Hospital vs. Hospice.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Gerry Soul Pastor.

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