Chad Hamilton emailed the other day with a heads-up on an experiment they’re doing over at their group blog, Eternal Revolution. Chad traded posts with “I Am” of The Evangelical Atheist in an effort to foster some dialogue between “Christ-followers” and athiests.

Given the history of such dialogue (or should we say, so-called “dialogue”?) I would tend to be skeptical about how this would turn out. I immediately recalled a recent post by Dan Kimball, “Thank You Josh McDowell (sort of).” In the post, Dan tackles the thorny subject of apologetics — when they’re not helpful and when they are. It’s negative first, so you cringe for a while before starting to go “Yeah, ….yeah!”

So it turns out that Chad’s experiment seemed (or seems) to be going quite well. In his guest post at The Evangelical Atheist, Chad makes note of that blog’s tag line, “Helping Mankind Overcome Religion” saying it’s actually not a bad idea. Lots of discussion follows, with favorable comments toward Chad personally, leading off with “I will say that you seem to be a shining example of a Christian”. There’s also some good discussion following the guest post on Chad’s blog, Guest Post – An Atheist’s View (though I’d be concerned about the tone of some of the comments), and Chad has issued a couple of follow-up posts as well.

Good stuff all around for those who enjoy the apologetic dialogue, to whom I’d also say, don’t forget Dan Kimball’s post.

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