Grain of Salt The sound of the self-congratulatory patting of my own back. I’m quick to point out that I ought to be far more humble than most, because I have the most to be humble about. Nevertheless, I confess I just had a fleeting moment of reflexive back-patting. I was fooling around on Technorati, trying to figure a way to get an RSS feed of blogs that link here, and decided on a whim to search for “emerging church” blogs. I figured I’d probably find a popular blog or two that I hadn’t seen before, and I was right; I think I’ll repeat this search from time to time and see what other gems might turn up.

Anyway, the thing I discovered in this process that surprised me was that I was #12 on the list, which Technorati claims to be the top “20 blogs tagged emerging church sorted by authority.” Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever been an authority at anything… but even so, I’ve got such a long way to go I won’t ever catch up with top-spot holder, (predictably and deservedly) Andrew Jones. Besides, I thought you actually had to know something to be an authority — turns out I was wrong, who knew? I don’t think I even want to know how these ratings work (which I don’t) because I’m quite certain I’ll have to re-adjust myself down thirty or forty spots. But with a few small gymnastics, I can easily bump myself up to #10 on the list, because Andrew and Aaron Flores each hold two of the spots above me, and each of their spots sh/could be combined to take up two places instead of four. Now by the skin of my teeth, this gets me a top-10 spot, and it’s is where all the self-congratulatory patting comes in.

But don’t worry, by the time you read this and check for yourself, I’ll most likely be bumped down the list by someone else… a natural adjustment which may come as a welcome relief to most of the emerging church worldwide. I now return you to my regularly-scheduled and more humble blog-spewing. But ain’t Technorati grand?

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