Not to be outdone, Emerging Grace has started a list of Emerging/Missional Dude Bloggers… in a post that seems eerily familiar to my Emerging/Missional Chick Blogger post. I’m honoured not just to be semi-parodied, but even more to be actually named on the list of Emerging/Missional Dudes… even though there’s some high-power names there that I couldn’t hold a candle to. (Sshhh, don’t tell — I don’t want to get bumped off the list!) But hey, I’m thrilled to be recognized a dude blogger… maybe I need a “DudeBlogger” button for my site! Oh, and just for the record, the real Brother Maynard has more hair than the guy in the picture. Excellent post, Grace: my mother always told me that “turnabout is fair play.”

Okay, so just to up the ante, what about Emerging/Missional Kids? When I got together with Arlen a couple of weeks back, the spiritual formation of children was one of the prevalent subjects for the evening. Let me just pause and say that’s not a stereotypical subject of conversation for two guys sipping Guinness in an Irish Pub, but there we were discussing the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Although this isn’t a usual subject for me (especially after a beer or two), the subject has been on my mind lately. I’m not just thinking of public vs. private schools, there’s also the question of Protecting our kids from the church?

There is of course Ivy Beckwith, and I’ve recently discovered the Emerging Kids blog…. but what other resources are out there for emerging/missional kids? I hesitate to ask if there’s a blog out there that actually publishes from their perspective, but I know many of us will include in our own blogs the glimpses we get of the world through their eyes. Sometimes I think only then are we truly profound.

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