Not my question, but Kester Brewin’s question the other day. Kester of The Complex Christ. Kester who muses while asking the question,

I’m really not sure anymore. Not that I particularly used to be, though it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing myself in the past.

And that’s what worries me: people who do it, enjoy it. The select chosen few get their weekly 20 minutes to show us how clever they are at public speaking.

If we were serious about discipleship, would we have sermons? Clearly not. No discussion. No interruption. No comeback. No further comment. I’m not trying to be crude or sensational, but I do wonder sometimes if it is really rather akin to spiritual masturbation.

Hey, Kester said it, not me. But it does make me wonder — I think he’s got a point here. The discussion of preaching and of the role of the sermon is a recurring theme around here…. that is to say, it has been mentioned here in the past. It seems a little absurd that each time the church congregates, that one predetermined guy in the room “has the goods” for everyone there, every time. Hey, this one isn’t just my idea either. Not that I’ve never heard a good sermon, or even that I’ve never been surprised how deeply some people can be impacted by it, but it often seems to me that the person who gets the most out of the sermon can tend to be the preacher.

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