“Missional” is definitely “Buzzword 2.0-Compliant” these days. Trevin Wax offers Missional – The New Buzzword (HT: Steve McCoy) which provides some thoughts on what it is and is not. Similarly, Signpost Phil has composed a list of indicators of a mission shaped church. What makes a church missional? Are you missional already and don’t know it? I’m imagining Jeff Foxworthy saying,

  • If your church calls a meeting every time the neighbour across the street buys a case of beer, and you meet at his house… you might be missional.
  • If you crawl out of bed on Sunday morning at 11:30 and your pastor gets on your case for missing your tee-off time… you might be missional.
  • If your conservative evangelical friends and relatives can’t understand how you can sit around your living room with the neighbourhood riff-raff for an hour or two and call that “church”… you might be missional.
  • If you roll your eyes when people ask where you go to church because “church” for you has no name and keeps moving around… you might be missional.

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