Robbymac and I are issuing an invitation to anyone within driving distance of downtown Winnipeg to join us (and others) for a “theology pub night” this Friday, August 12, 7:30 PM at the theological pub shrine called “The King’s Head” — 120 King Street (map can be found at Google Maps, but if you’re arriving by helicopter, then an arial photo might help as well).

Reasons you don’t want to miss this, as loosely enumerated by Robbymac:

  1. Enjoy the finest brews (especially Guinness) at one of Winnipeg’s finest pubs.
  2. Enjoy theological musings and general ecclesiastical mayhem with Brother Maynard, Robbymac, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, and others to be named later.
  3. Discover Brother Maynard’s secret identity!! (Of course, you must be sworn to secrecy later. Consider it an initiation rite or something.)
  4. We’re always interested in meeting another emerging-type Winnipegger.

The King’s Head is technically members-only; you can get a membership card easily at the door, or just tell them you’re with me uh, with Rob. We’ll be blaming him for everything since he’s leaving town afterward. If everything goes according to plan, maybe we’ll even stiff him with the bill… hope he’s not reading this. Anyone who is drawn to set their hearts on pilgrimage is welcome to stop by. As Robbymac put it, we’ll be the theological freaks; easy to spot. Of course, if you’d like to buy a round you are so much more than welcome to drop by.

Disclaimer: this is not a well-organized event and is barely organized at all beyond what you’re reading. The event is not officially sponsored or endorsed by Emergent or anyone else who might have some credibility. To your local pastor, it may not even be recommended at all. It could get rowdy, but no guarantees are made either way. Offer void where prohibited by law, unless said law has been otherwise satisfied by grace through faith.

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