By way of a “heads-up,” there’s a new kid on the Blogk. A bunch of us first met Grey Owl at the King’s Head a short while ago, and I think there was a moment there when his blog, This Great Argument was conceived. Many blogs have a short gestation, so he gave birth shortly after and announced it in an email to us with the subject line, “errr… it’s a blog?” Grey Owl (the blogger formerly known as the commenter “Dan-D from Canada”) is a young guy who seems to have his head screwed on not too badly… which is to say it looks and sounds slightly askew from “normal” (note the ” marks) — but in a good way. I told him he didn’t have to use his real name… seems that his day-job is the reason he hadn’t started sooner, so we dealt with that concern psedonyminously. The title to this post reminds me of a short story from way back: “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry. Now, if you’ve read the story, I daresay that a comparison between Grey Owl and Red Chief might not be a bad one… I anticipate that Grey Owl might just stir up about that much trouble. We’ll be watching for some interesting posts from him.

I haven’t blogrolled him only because I’m planning to do away with what you see in the margin and make a separate page of it — this will create space in the sidebar for something else that’s brewing, and allow me to add more people who belong in the blogroll. In reality, I probably frequent too many blogs to list them all in the margin, all thanks to the wonders of RSS.

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