There’s no way to catch up with all this book-buying, let alone the reading of them! Sparked by Jordan’s Personal M.Div Reading List, Scot McKnight is serving up a collection of topical Top-Ten reading lists. The most recent of these are on The Apostle Paul, Jesus, New Testament Theology, Earliest Christianity, and Eschatology (Responding to “Left Behind”). I also noticed that the Desiring God website has another topical recommended reading list, The City of God and the City of Man: Recommended Reading on Christian Engagement in Culture. Then too, there’s something that calls itself “A Bibliography We Can’t Live Without.”

Also refer to my start at a must-read list and discussion of the task, but I’ve concluded that this whole affair (setting aside the M.Div idea) can’t be accomplished in only 40 books, unless someone were to compile a collection of about eight or ten topical compendiums… which isn’t an altogether bad idea. This could potentially reduce about 50,000+ pages of reading down to, what, less than 10,000?

I kinda wish we could cut out the book recommendations for a while… I’m never going to get all this reading done! It’s reassuring to find on these lists many of the books I own or at least have read, it’s the ones that I haven’t read yet that concern me and drive my compulsive self to append them to my ever-growing book wishlist. Incidentally, I’ve maintained a perpetual book wishlist for well more than 15 years now, long before Amazon ever “dreamed it up” to sell more books, and recommend the practice so that on those rare occasions when extra funds present themselves for book-buying, you’ll not have lost track of prime book recommendations.

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