Another mainline published article has appeared discussing the emerging church — this one after visiting The Well in Feasterville, PA. The article goes like this: usual introduction; “Brad Jackson, a 33-year-old former seminarian who is the pastor, doesn’t so much deliver a sermon as lead a discussion.” blahblah usual intro and comments from various church attenders…

This new flavor of evangelicalism, with echoes of the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s and a dash of medieval ritual, is especially popular among young urban adults. It stresses tolerance, inclusiveness, social justice and environmental stewardship, and it shifts the theological focus from individual salvation to helping one’s earthly neighbors.

etcetera…. blahblah Tony Jones blahblahblah D.A. Carson blahblah Brian McLaren… “McLaren was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential evangelicals earlier this year. He was also dis-invited as a speaker to the Kentucky Baptist Convention last February because his views were deemed too liberal.” moreblahblahblah, Tony…

Jones, the movement’s national coordinator, says the goal of the emergent movement is to find “a whole different way of doing church” that is neither conservative nor liberal.

“We refuse to play by the established rules. It drives people crazy on both sides. On the right, they’re talking about better leadership or how to grow bigger churches. On the left, they’re almost in panic mode, asking `How do we save these churches?’ But what’s not being talked about is the missional center of the Christian gospel.

“We’re not trying to overthrow megachurches or Bob Jones or the Christian Century (magazine). Just give us a little space where we can talk about these things with a little theological vigor. We’re trying to carve out a place in the American church for dialogue, where there aren’t set answers.”

Despite the formulaic way I make it sound, it’s not a bad piece at all. Good comments from Tony.

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