Washboard It didn’t take long for my recent post, Wanted: Emerging/Missional Chick Bloggers to earn a spot amid the most-read posts I’ve done here, as well as the most-commented upon. I took a lump or two on it, but I’m very encouraged by the outcome. A list of Chick Bloggers started taking shape slowly at first, and it gained momentum to the point where it became apparent that anything remotely approaching an exhaustive list will not be possible. Scot McKnight suggested I compile a list from the suggestions made in the thread following the post, and the list follows below. Before the list is presented though, it’s critical to point out that it isn’t possible to compile an exhaustive list, and some important women bloggers will inevitably be missing from the list that follows. As I visited each of these blogs, I found that many of them tended to blogroll women bloggers more often than men did (whether “emerging/missional” or not), so by starting with the list here and with a minor amount of further digging, you can easily find a treasure trove of chickbloggers. What we’ve done here amounts to little more than a straw poll, but I think it became a pleasant surprise to most that although there are probably many fewer emerging/missional women bloggers than men, there is still no shortage. I won’t actively maintain the list, but any that I’ve missed can be added in the comments.

In the ensuing discussion, we also learned that emerging/missional blogs by women often take a very different tone than those by men…. wouldn’t you know it, there’s a gender difference. Lest I get myself in trouble, I’m careful to say that I’m generalizing, and perhaps too much so, but the blogs by women will often tend to talk about life in general with missional thoughts interwoven. Generally, the tone on blogs by men is more consistently topical, but again, this is probably more consistent with differences in how men and women process things. Inherent in this observation is the fact that the women participants in the conversation are highly important and may over time tend to slow down the pace to a manageable level and ensure that the conversation remains more practical than theoretical. Kim’s blog is titled “random thoughts from a housewife” and features a wall of washers and dryers in a laundromat as its backdrop. In many ways, this represents the perfect metaphor for this observation… not because housewives and laundromats completes a stereotype, but because in this context it reflects a sort of “keep it real, keep it relevant, keep it everyday” mentality. If your version of emergent/missional doesn’t work in a laundromat, you have a problem with your philosophy of ministry. (Maybe you should ditch it and hang around the laundromat with Kim for a while.)

Kenmore Advtertisement Here, then, is a kind of “starter-list” of Emerging/Missional ChickBloggers, with links to their syndication feeds:

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