Signpost Phil writes further in the mDNA series, on finding those with an apostolic gift. A fundamental question of course is how one defines an apostolic gift… Alan Hirsch drops by and provides some clarification in the comments. Phil presents an interesting idea though, that those with an apostolic gifting are rare in the church since these people are more likely to be occupied in the business world. As someone who eventually gave up on finding a full-time place in the church because they don’t seem to want what I do, I find myself now feeding an entrepreneurial spirit in the business realm. Of course, while there I’m wondering if full-time ministry in a local church is a valid or an outmoded pursuit in North America, given that I’ve mostly tossed out that way of constructing church. Good thought-fodder in this one, no matter how you define an apostle.

John Frye re-imagines “Pastor” for the USA Church, then starts to consider a definition of pastoring, after which he outlines The Mission or Task of “Pastor”. Some rich material in this series as well, no matter whether or not you imagine the pastor being a paid position.

Todd Hunter (the peripatetic blogger) has in a rare fit of blog-posting virtually inked a couple of posts on transformational leadership: Creating Places of Realized Potential and simply, Transformational Leadership which includes the sage-but-foreboding advice, “The organization can never be something that I, as a member, don’t choose to be. We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” (emphasis added). Excellent thoughts on leadership here, no matter whether or not the phrase “lay-leader” is indescribably irksome to you.

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