Preaching Re-Imagined CBD has published an interview with Doug Pagitt (HT:Sivin Kit) which discusses his new book, Preaching Re-Imagined. So yes, this is the Doug Pagitt of Solomon’s Porch fame, one of the places which with any luck I hope to drop in this weekend when I’m in Minneapolis. Doug is the same guy that just wrote an article in Relevant Magazine describing what the emerging church is for those who are a little fuzzy on it… I mean the ones who are fuzzy and are not part of the conversation, not those of us who are in the conversation but are still fuzzy anyway.

I’m looking forward to (eventually, hopefully) sinking my teeth into this book on the sermon, and Doug’s comments in the interview are helpful… in many ways this is a good furtherance of some ideas a while back under Post-Preaching: is the Sermon still Relevant? (and the followup, Update on Preaching).

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