Sometimes a theme recurs so loudly and so often that the reverberations never seem to end. This time, reverberating with posts I’ve written here and here, I spotted a post on John Frye’s blog, a letter to Jesus by a disillusioned pastor. After four comments on that post, most of which I don’t think could identify, the fifth is by said disillusioned pastor, Fr’nklin, with a link to his blog where the original post can be found, as well as a postscript to the letter, (also see them here and here) which notes, “I’ve gotten several e-mails and personal comments about my letter to Jesus (by the way, I never actually mailed it), so I think a follow up post is in order.” From there Fr’nklin delves more deeply into ecclesiology, where he makes a number of astute observations about the present expression of church… all of them rather indicting. It sounds to me like he’s in the throes of what I have taken to calling “a crisis of ecclesiology” but don’t worry… it’s not at all the same thing as a crisis of faith.

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