The thing that Winnipeggers do in the summers is head to the lake. I think that “cottaging” is the official sport of Manitoba. (We actually have friends whose cottage was featured in this magazine… we’ll be out there in a couple of weeks’ time as well.) We take a lot of ribbing about our winters, and I know it sounds a little weird to people when we say it, but the summers here more than make up for it. You’d have to be here to know. All that merely to announce that we’re at the lake this weekend with our merry band of misfits that we jointly call an expression of church. Should be a good time, we’ve all been looking forward to this for a while now. As a result, until Sunday night I won’t be responding to comments — it isn’t that I’m ignoring you. In fact, as is my custom if I’m away from the blog, I’ve delay-posted an item or two for the enjoyment of those four people who like to have their daily “Brother Maynard fix.” If you can call it a “fix” when I’m usually breaking things. There actually seem to be more than four of you out there — the number of pages served monthly has been steadily growing, and in a rather unexpected turn of events from when I started this exercise, I rolled over 225,000 pages served sometime this past week. Goodness, that can’t be all ‘bots and comment-spammers, can it?

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