People are talking about the ten worst books for the church as listed by Sam Storms. I would agree with a couple of his picks… Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series for example, but I don’t really want to get bogged down in critqueing the list.

When I saw the list of the worst books, it reminded me of a similar longer list I’d seen a few months ago… the most damaging books, or something similar. A Google search failed to turn up the list I remembered though. It had works by Hitler and Lennin plus Kinsey and some others that made sense… but there was one omission, I thought… and this is where I may get myself in trouble. The Bible wasn’t on the list, and I had expected it would be. Despite the fact that we would consider the Bible an obvious entry on a list of top literature, there’s something about the way that it’s been misused and misunderstood and been used to justify all sorts of evils that makes the Bible a book that’s done a lot of damage. Quite naturally it’s done a lot of good, but mishandled… not so much.

Let’s face it — although we need the Bible desperately… it’s a downright dangerous book.

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