Suitcase Well, I’m finally going to be 404 for a few days. If I just lost some of you, a 404 is the error message that a webserver returns if the requested page is missing… it became a jargon term in hacker / Internet culture, so this time it’s me who won’t be responding. To learn more, visit 404 Research Lab. Of course, some 404 pages are more interresting than others.

No, this doesn’t mean the blog is disappearing for a few days, but I will be. We (the family and I) will be off to Minneapolis, through Duluth, and then back up into Ontario where we’ll spend a few days with friends at the lake before returning September 6th.

As usual, I’ve future-posted a number entries so that you won’t even miss me…. I’m leaving you all on your own with the comments though, so (a) don’t be miffed if I don’t reply, and (2) play nice. Think of Mike Myers as Linda Richman on Coffee Talk on SNL… you know, no big whoop. “Tawk amongst yourselves… I’ll give you a topic: The Partridge Family were neither Partridges nor a family Discuss!”

I should have wifi access throughout most of the trip, but I won’t be spending that much time online. The kids have been promised the zoo, (what’s wrong with ours, I don’t know) Camp Snoopy (the trick is to do that and still avoid “The Mall“), the harbour in Duluth and a malt from that fantastic malt shop along the north shore of the lake. Personally, I have my heart set on pilgrimage to Loome Books in Stillwater. That and Arlen promised me a beer, which is not something to go uncollected. We’ll see if we get as far as Solomon’s Porch or Spirit Garage. I am looking forward to the time away with the family and the tranquility or leisure of the lake over the long weekend just before the mad dash back to school. Should get some reading done, almost finished The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition (never you mind!) and should be on to something else; trying to stick to fiction during the time away.

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