Daryl Dash blogs a blurb from Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox which offers a healthier EC in three [easy] steps as well as another one about not forgetting the 5 purposes. Aauckphtht. It amounts to “be more like us” — Daryl aptly highlights the church growth one.

Yuck. To stretch (or does it?) an analogy, this is like trying to fix a Chevy by saying it’s not a Ford, and then attempting to strap on a Ford drivetrain to remedy the problem. It won’t work people! Listen: You can’t fix something you don’t understand by changing it into something you do understand!

Daryl takes the opportunity to link a chart from Robert Webber’s book, The Younger Evangelicals posted by Jordan Cooper which I’ve been looking for an excuse to link as well… and this is it. As Daryl observes, Saddleback and the emerging church are in two different columns here…. not the same thing. The chart itself is a helpful comparison of three generations or types of evangelical thought and practice.

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