Several months ago, [Aaron Flores] finished [his] graduate research (for now) on the emerging church in the United States titled, AN EXPLORATION OF THE EMERGING CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES: THE MISSIOLOGICAL INTENT AND POTENTIAL IMPLICATIONS FOR THE FUTURE. After some consideration, [he’s] decided to make this available online.

The rest of the above explanation and the link to the pdf document are posted on Aaron’s site, The Voiz.

I have downloaded the document but not had a chance to dig in yet… I’m debating the printing of it so I can read the hard copy… it’s 194 pages. Many references to the document exist in other blog posts (Knightopia and TSK to name two) but so far I gather nobody’s really finished digesting it yet, as there aren’t any reviews or interactions posted yet that I know of. Looking forward to getting into it though.

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