Stephen Shields asks, “you can get the christian out of the church, but can you get the church out of the christian?” He cites a post by Jason Clark where he asks, “What’s wrong with Christians?”

Of course, it only stands to reason that with all of us critiquing (read: criticizing and complaining about) church as we know it, it only makes sense that eventually someone would get around to asking the question about the basic building block of the church: the individual Christian. It seems when you start with flawed bricks, you get a flawed structure… fancy that!

“Even a blind squirrel gets a few nuts.” The odd thing (or is it so odd?) is that no matter how screwed up the church is, every now and then, one of us hits a home run. Even when “one of us” is a megachurch, sometimes we get something right. Man, it hurts to type that, but it’s one thing I took away from this article in KtB. The other thing I learned there is that Church is like Wal-Mart.

Still, Jason Clark’s post is not an apologetic for organized church (he says so…). He says,

Imagine if every christian got up tomorrow, and went to the church that offended them the least, or if there was none, they got together with other christians, and if they all decided, church will not be about me, my needs, but I will serve, give, pray, share, with the people in this community and with the people where we live, work and play.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Yeah, a screwed-up mess of corporate christianity can hit the mark once in a while… but I do hope our average can improve. So imagine if every christian got up tomorrow…. See, I think Jason’s onto something. Quit with the consumer-minded christianity and start being missional. Or as I like to put it,

“Live your faith. Share your life.”

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