I commend Rick Luoni’s musings titled “Rock Stars, Hate & Jesus.” I quote a particularly salient soundbite from his blog entry:

I find it interesting that it is the rock-n-roll artists and musicians who were instrumental in formulating LIVE AID and now LIVE 8. Theses were the guys in Elvis’ day who were supposedly the ones who were “doing the devil’s work” and here they are now doing God’s work or as some would say, the work of the church.

Leave it to a rock star to show me how to follow Jesus.

Meanwhile, “Bob Geldof, Bono, Richard Curtis and everyone at Live8” have written an open letter to the G8 leaders. Again, an excerpt:

The hugeness of Live8 was the best that we normal citizens can do to send our leaders a message.

For God’s sake, take this seriously. Don’t behave normally. Don’t look for compromises. Be great. Do more than expected, not the least you can get away with. You know what will really make a difference, what will turn extreme poverty around. What will actually begin to save the lives of millions of men, women and children.

Do it. Please, do it. The world is watching.


Rick posts more on the subject, this time getting all nasty and quoting Leviticus 25:35. Meanwhile, in Canada, PM our PM won’t commit on .07GDP. The only G8 country with a budget surplus, a surplus which the Liberals seem repeatedly surprised about, and which isn’t all that far off the annual shortfall required to make up the .07GDP committment. If the political will was there, we could hit the target long before 2015. News coverage in the National Post and in the Globe & Mail fleshes it out somewhat; criticism of Paul Martin is quite damning. For the Liberals, it seems they don’t want to commit funds without knowing all the details of where it will go. This excuse is rather lame though, basically saying that because the problem is complex and we know it will be expensive, we won’t even begin setting aside the funds to deal with it. The Liberals cite polls for the notion that Canada should only give more foreign aid if it doesn’t cost us anything…. which is not a stance that justifies doing nothing. When a child dies of extreme poverty every three seconds, you have to explain it pretty fast so that they’ll understand.

Shameful. Add your voice to tell them so — unless of course you understand why their inaction is excusable… I, for one, do not.

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