…and I just thought I’d mention it to everyone, as I passed the tipping point today. I’m getting tired of every single day feeling like I should provide a link to the latest post on Jesus Creed, the blog home of Scot McKnight (yes, that’s “Scot” with only one “t”). It’s just that every day for the last — I don’t know how many days — Scot’s had a post worth not only reading, but pointing out to others. I haven’t done that with most of these latest posts, but I’ve felt with most of them that they’re well worth a referral. It’s just that I can’t do that every day… I’m still hoping to serve up something of my own thoughts in this space!

So this time I’m just going to take a shortcut, and recommend strongly that you blogroll him, or add him to your list of RSS feeds, or however it is you like to read your daily blogs. And after you’ve read your daily McKnight, don’t forget to stop over here where we “normal” bloggers live and write (we still want traffic too!).

Scot, I know you’ll read this as well, so this is a heartfelt thanks for your consistent contribution to the emerging church conversation via your blog and your comments elsewhere. We’re indebted.

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