Not to mention critiques of critiques. From a few days ago, we have Ken Archer’s Review of D.A. Carson’s Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, a good thorough piece. Then there’s What Should We Think of the Emerging Church? Part One, an article in Christian Post by Al Mohler, which is more DA Carson confronts McLaren.

Taken together, they’re not quite the spewing and eschewing of DA Carson, but close enough. A little too light on the eschewing for my taste, I guess.

I noticed today that Frank Viola’s critique of EC has (unfortunately) been republished at This is the same piece we discussed here in April, and still, I’m not that comfortable with his critique.

The odd thing is that yesterday, due to the way the dates have been occasionally off-kilter on Planet Emergent lately, I spotted this blog post by Karen Ward which led me to this post by Si Johnston from last month, which considers the differences between the emerging church “moversation” (“convement?”) and the house church movement of the late 70’s and 80’s. Timing is everything sometimes.

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