Had a revelation this morning, one of those that suits a controversial blog-post, or at least an attention-getting title. I am not a universalist — or I wasn’t… but this thought struck me this morning.

Based on the doctrine or concept of general revelation, we are all on our way to Heaven because we have all had a revelation of God in some form or fashion. “Ah,” you say, “but general revelation is not sufficient for salvation!” Perhaps. But is salvation an event or is it more complicated than that?

Here’s a question. Suppose that 50 people come forward in an “altar call” for salvation at the end of a crusade meeting. As the music is playing and people are making their way to the front, a meteorite strikes the building, killing most of the occupants. Nobody said hypothetical scenarios had to be plausible or likely. The question is whether those who came forward but did not yet recite the sinners’ prayer would go to Heaven, or if they would die in their sins. Most would probably affirm that these would go to Heaven despite their non-recitation of the passphrase… but why? Because salvation is far more complex than being a simple event frozen in a single moment in time. These people were moving toward salvation, and we suspect had passed some nebulous (to us, but not to God) point in time where their proximity to this goal of salvation ensured their entry into Heaven.

Without getting into it, the Greek would back that up… you “are being saved” is a valid translation of some of the verb tenses. I surmise therefore that because all have some level of revelation, all have begun this journey toward faith and toward Heaven. Some may choose not to pursue it, or may pursue a false course… but others will pursue further revelation, enough to spark the faith that leads to salvation. And somewhere along the road, for many, they’ll pass that threshold, be it nebulous or be it a distinct and defining moment.

So there you have it — I’m not a universalist exactly… but we’re all moving on a continuum toward faith, and toward Heaven. And I hope most of us get there.

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