There’s a great email conversation summarized at Jason and Ryan discuss Emergent as a brand name, as a reactionary movement; also touching on postmodernity, the traditional church, scriptural context, and lots more. Favorite quotes:

Another angle on this is that I am convinced that many that are tagged Emergent currently play a prophetic role in the Body. It’s hard to be a good prophet and not lay out there what is wrong with the family. I think some of it has to do with language. In an effort to move things forward many are struggling to come up with new metaphors and terms. With those things still fluid it’s really hard to tell what some of these people are pissed about that is legitimate…


Christendom is humanity hijacking Jesus. The Body, while often caught up in the Christendom machine, is my Messiah’s bride and I will always love her. I passionately love the Church and I passionately hate Christendom.

Give this one a read, it’s a good discussion waiting to be extended.

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