Last time we met together, we read Psalm 73, and watched how the Psalmist began with an observation, or complaint, something he could not understand… and as the psalm progresses, he comes to resolution — without actually answering the question, but it resolves with a focus on God. So our small group that isn’t a church but is, kinda-sorta, at least for some of us, met again Friday evening (record attendance, 13 plus our 2 kids in front of the TV in the basement). I love these times… 13 people, chicken wings and shrimp, 5 bottles of wine, 4 1/2 hours… this one didn’t go as late as some, but this is what a church meeting ought to be like. Our evening conversation dealt with hell, other faiths, and a loving God. We never answered the question, but the discussion resolved itself with a focus on God. At that point, W. observed rather astutely, that our conversation was in a way, like a psalm… in that throughout the evening we had voiced struggles, issues, questions, observations…. couldn’t answer the biggest questions, but resolved with a focus on God. Brilliant.

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