Like a lot of bloggers, I check my page stats — not religiously, but enough to know there’s daily traffic, some days more, some less. I can see people linking my site, and every so often I stumble across my name in someone else’s blogroll, which happens sometimes out of the blue and sometimes by following the links to blogs of people who leave comments. So it turns out I’m doing around 1.3GB of data per month now, or a bit more – which is a fair bit considering my site has next to no graphics on it. Traffic has grown to more than 22,000 page views last month, still on an upward trend. With blogs you still don’t always know how many are reading, because people might read entire posts at places like Planet Emergent and not actually visit, so they don’t actually appear as a page stat. I guess I don’t really get it, but what the heck, we’re having fun. Still, it makes me wonder if I can make any money off the traffic…. Anyway.

So maybe it’s time I ‘fessed up, before this gets any further out of hand. I don’t know where all of you people are coming from, though you’re all welcome to keep coming around here — I appreciate that you’re reading and all, I hope you’re being edified or at least entertained. But okay, here’s the thing: the truth is, I really don’t know anything, I’m as lost as the rest of you. Maybe more. Just thought y’all should know.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

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