Scot McKnight has completed a series that several of us bloggers have been watching with interest. Lots of food for thought here. It would seem to some, including me, that our presentation of the gospel needs a revamp for our postmodern times… not that the gospel needs changing, that’s timeless — but the way we present it could use an overhaul. For the record, I think that tools like the “Four Laws” have been good for their times, but we’re in different times now. Moreover, there are a few points of adjustment where our gospel presentation has been tainted by modernity, and these need correction or adjustment. With this in mind, I recommend taking a look at what others are saying on the subject. Of his own series, Scot McKnight says, “This series of posts about the 4SL has not been a gripe session so much as an attempt to think through how gospel tracts present the gospel. I know for a fact that Campus Crusaders are taught well how to use the 4SL and I’m quite sure that they are effective because they are, as embodied gospels themselves, advocates who give a living witness to the impact of the gospel. In other words, it is effective because they carry forward the Word of God as people of the Church.”

Scot’s consideration of 4L begins with Jesus, the Kingdom, and the Four Spiritual Laws by way of introduction followed by Jesus and the First Spiritual Law, then Jesus and the Second Spiritual Law and (naturally) Jesus and the Third Spiritual Law before wrapping up with Jesus and the Fourth Spiritual Law. In the final installment, McKnight says, “I’ll be honest: I have very little problem with what is said here; I have problems with what is not said. Let me offer a slightly different tract:” …and this where you’ll want to pay close attention.

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