From Scot McKnight comes a different kind of test… this one isn’t a snappy meme with buttons and checkboxes with a concluding analysis to sum up your life… but it is getting good blog linkage nonetheless. This one is a kind of spiritual formation survey which is meant to give you an idea where you’re at and where you might want to pay some attention.

Now here’s an odd confession… up until about six months ago, the term “spiritual formation” was a fairly foreign one to me. Not that I ignored it — I already had some fairly developed theories and philosophies about it, but in the traditions I’ve come from, nobody talked much about it, and certainly not using that phrase. Wow… how did that one get missed? Oh, and after just barely scratching the surface of Scot’s book, The Jesus Creed, I would say so far, “Gee, where’s that gentle fresh breeze coming from?” Powerful, insightful, excellent. Anyway, back to Scot’s “test.” The entry on his blog kicks off,

The following test is designed to work with my book, The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others. I am a bit of an assessment nut, so the test actually measures the degree to which readers begin to conform to what is written in the Jesus Creed (and the Companion Guide). I make no pretense that this does it all, or that it perfectly measures spiritual formation, but it is a start.

The ideal is to take this test before reading the book, and then after, and then periodically — and then to develop strategies for growth.

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