Maybe it’s the way things are… or perhaps the way they were in the modern world. Secular society makes a discovery, finds a fad, starts a movement. The church takes note, decides there’s something of interest, and starts a movement of its own. Long after secular culture has given up on the movement or has normalized it, the church is still going strong, pressing this new Biblical vision.

Just so you know, I’m in a bit of a cynical mood here. That, plus I’ve never been able to identify with the sabre-rattling crowd, and it sounds rather bizzare to me when people preface every paragraph with “As a man…” (oh, sorry, I had assumed you were speaking from the perspective of a mother duck). And then there’s the fact that the person who first talked to me about Promise Keepers was one of the worst examples of a husband and father I could think of at the time…. so you may just want to write me off now, especially if you’re heavily Eldridge-influenced.


The Boston Globe is running a story, Daddy, what did you do in the men’s movement? Not a bad read, it talks about Robert Bly, Promise Keepers, and John Eldridge (who gets likened to Bly without drums). The piece also says that the men’s movement is over, ended some time ago — except in Christian circles.

There’s nothing quite like being at the vanguard of the culture.

HT on this story to Father Jake, who also mentions Bush’s dishonesty in lying to the Brits and beginning to doctor up reports in preparation for the upcoming G8 summit. I won’t even start publishing links on these, the stories are all over… and I don’t want to get quite that political tonight… I’ve probably offended enough people for one day already.

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