Bob left a comment on my second $Trillion post about a church who justified a $5,000 espresso machine with the line, “A church that honors excellence honors God.” So Bob, I considered your comment today, and here’s what I came up with. (I’m responding in a post instead of a comment so it doesn’t get missed.)

I decided that I really understand what this church is getting at, wishing to honour God with the best of everything. God has had a rough go of things so far, and he could really use a break. And naturally, we his people should give him one, with the best of everything. I mean, here’s a God who created a special garden, and left but one simple instruction for the two people he placed there… and they blew it. He then chose a people for himself who didn’t listen, didn’t cooperate, and failed to return his love. He decided to send Jesus to try and get through to them. Jesus was born in a stable amid an air of suspicion of impropriety. His parents were poor commoners, only being able to present the sacrifice of the poor when he was dedicated at the temple. When he was young, his earthly father apparently died, leaving Jesus to grow up probably associating with people of lower social standing. After all, as a guest at a wedding just before his “ministry” began, it seems the groom might not have been able to afford enough wine for his guests, and Jesus had to bail him out of a difficult situation. Then there are the disciples he had to work with, always seeming to be at least a step or two behind the program. When the people he sought to communicate with finally killed him, he had to be placed in a borrowed tomb.

Yes, I would say, “Nothing but the best” for God — after all he’s been through, he deserves it. Should Jesus come back to trod the soil of the earth again, incognito, I’m sure that on a Sunday morning at 11:00 you’ll find him in search of a church that serves a decent espresso.

Yes, sarcasm is a virtue. ;^)

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