I’ve been down with a bug since Saturday evening. Yesterday I was wondering if I’d perhaps done something evil in a prior life that was now coming down hard upon me, but by last night I’d pretty much dismissed that explanation. Still not in optimal shape today, though I was able to work on a personal writing project some. Last week the wife had what I’ve now had, for several days… now she’s “only” got strep throat. Our youngest has an ear infection, and our oldest was sick yesterday and last evening, so spent the day at home with me.

Still Blah.

Saturday wasn’t so bad — it was our 16th anniversary, and I started that out by observing in the driveway that my wife now had grey hair. Sometimes I’m not the sharpest hammer in the bag, but honestly, it isn’t much, and it’s about the first time I’ve actually noticed (it was in bright sunlight, really). Anyway, an anniversary is a good time — at least for people like me — to stop and marvel at the fact your wife is actually still there. If there’s an angel in charge of matching up life-mates, I think sometimes the introductions we don’t get to hear might be something like, “Insensitive Loud-Mouthed Idiot, meet Longsuffering Faithful Servant.” Anyhoo wife, if you’re reading, in the most understated way it can possibly be said — thanks. And sorry I mentioned your alleged grey hair, I blame myself personally for all 16 of them.

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