Opposite Day bravery: or on “opposite day” would you call it cowardice? this article at House2House tells of a church in the middle of megachurchland that decides to buck the trend and convert from a traditional structure to a house church format. No, not a small group ministry, but a bona fide house church network. This seems a pretty brave undertaking, a prime example of backward thinking… which is just about right in an upside-down kingdom where the greatest is a servant to all, the first will be last, the last first, and the meek will inherit the earth. You know that these folks are singing from a different hymnal, but I really dig the tune. Before we left there, I suggested that our prior church move in this direction… and I had that feeling of a roomful of people staring at me like I had six heads. See? I’m not nuts after all! (A hearty Hat-Tip on this one to House Church Blog.)

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