I love the ‘net for its “surfability.”

I don’t normally visit Brian Orme’s blog, but I read his posts as they pop up on Planet Emergent today, and after dropped in on his blog I decided I should do so more often. That was all while looking for something else. I also don’t drop in regularly on Steve McCoy’s blog, but while looking for nothing in particular, I landed on this post, which I also hit from Planet Emergent. So while asking myself, “Who’s Kevin Cawley?” I was led by by Steve McCoy to Kevin Cawley’s blog, which seriously looks like a worthwhile place to spend a bit more time… but while doing so, I was led to this review of Darrell Guder’s The Continuing Conversion of the Church. The review is almost thorough enough that I could strike an entry from my list of intended book purchases, but it’s a good enough recommendation that I certainly don’t want to.

Repeat lesson of the day: hyperlinks subvert hierarchy. While remembering this tidbit of truth, I decided to Google the phrase and came up with Result Number Three, which is also linked from this post from 2001 on the same site, which complains about sites who refuse to link away from themselves.

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