Andrew (TSK) Jones wonders what it would be like if the Bible were blogged. And then he tells us… interesting stuff!

I’m thinking the authors of Kings and Chronicles would have been hardcore Vi coders. And all of Isaiah would probably have been written with the text embedded in Perl scripts… Perl poetry. I agree Luke would have been a wifi-warrior, he’d be using a laptop as well as carrying around an iPac or Zaurus PDA so he could quickly jot down notes everywhere…. and concerned about stability as well as mobility, they’d all be running Linux (use the source, Luke!). I imagine Hosea would keep finding his computer commandeered to run a webcam, but there’s one thing I think we can be quite certain about. I think Jesus would have been very upset with the scribes and pharisees for the base way in which they treated holy writ… running it on Windows!


Guess who the moneychangers were….

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