As TSK points out, a good critique of EC has emerged from Canada, no less… written by (drumroll) Daryl Dash and published by Fellowship Baptist in their publication, The Evangelical Baptist, with discussion online. I like this critique, largely because it’s a critique and not a list of criticisms. In some ways it could stand to offer stronger criticism, but for its intended purpose it isn’t necessary… it comes forth largely as a few points where EC is helpful and a few items of caution for future dialogue. Well done.

Otoh, I noted a post on Daryl’s blog quoting DA Carson,

In separate chapters McLaren explains (to use the subtitle of the book) “Why I am a missional + evangelical + post/protestant + liberal/conservative + mystical/poetic + biblical + charismatic/contemplative + fundamentalist/calvinist + anabaptist/anglican + methodist + catholic + green + incarnational + depressed-yet-hopeful + emergent + unfinished Christian.” I have read these chapters with considerable care, and I must try to explain a little of why this is an attractive + manipulative + funny + sad + informed + ignorant + winsome + outrageous + penetrating + resoundingly false + stimulating + silly book. And I have used each of these words with more precision than McLaren has used with his. (p. 162)

Errrm, yeah. Talk about ungracious…. I can’t imagine calling either of these types of seriously-written books silly. That’s just plain low. I think I might call a Sandra Boynton book silly, but that’s a whole ‘nother matter, and probably a compliment. Carson just dropped another notch on my respect list… which may unfortunately colour my reading of some of the other stuff he’s written, commentaries and so forth. Not well done, DA. Trying to discredit someone else the way you attack McLaren tends only to discredit yourself.

Update: with Kiwi Influence, Daryl has posted the critique on his blog in html, with a few hyperlinks for good measure. (Also trackback-linked below.)

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