Chris Erdman writes:

Moving past the charade that passes for true community?
There is such a thing as true community; I’m sure of that. I’m also sure that there is such a thing as false community—those human gatherings where there are real relationships, but where the way of relating is a mere charade, an alluring masquerade for the kind of human interaction we most need. I am as sure that there are such things as true and false community as I am that I’m not competent to describe them accurately. I know that I can feel the difference. But I also know that I often can’t feel when community is or has become false as quickly as I wish I could. The dividing line between what is true and what is false can be so alarmingly thin—maybe that’s because the real thing is more rare than it ought to be and we’re better schooled in the charade than in what’s real.

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