Oil Derrick I ran across this post at Coffee Waffle… a sobre heads up for all drivers of monster-sized SUVs and other addicts to fossil fuels. I’m not the greenest of folks around… it’s my wife doing the One Tonne Challenge, I’m just along for the ride asking, “How long does it take to save enough money on hydro to pay for this fancy light bulb?” (In response, she comes up with a coupon for the light bulb.) But we are looking at the price of gas and considering how long our daily commutes are, or how much shorter they could be if we moved.

Anyhoo — this is a good read for anyone who takes note of these things… or an important read for those who have never given it much thought, either because they’re too young to remember the ’70’s energy crisis or because they figure it’s over and done with for good.

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