Next-Wave is running a journey article by Pastor X, which sparks a few thoughts, starting with the observation that Dallas Willard can mess you up. In a good way. He ruined me some years ago with The Spirit of the Disciplines. The beginning of becoming post-charismatic is realizing that the normal way of God changing lives is mundane everyday ongoing stuff that you can participate in… and not a crisis experience in the prayer line every Sunday morning after the message.

After reading the account of “Pastor X” though, I’m struck by how pastors, leaders, and so-called-laypeople everywhere are waking up and saying in effect, “Hey, the emperor has no clothes, and come to think of it, neither do I!” It’s fascinating how this move away from the established church is coming as a chorus of spiritual realizations about self as well as the structures we’ve been a part of. The ringing cry is less, “Hey, we’ve been duped!” and more, “Hey, this is all wrong and we’ve been duping people!” Rather than whining that someone “done us wrong” I see an odd degree of identification with the “wrongdoers” and a departure in order to try and do it differently.

Reading “Pastor X” I thought for a minute or two I knew who it might be… or maybe it was one of about 5 people I could think of, or for a minute, hey, maybe this was me. After realizing that everyone’s journey has so much commonality, I’m wondering at the moment if there might be only about two dozen possible bullet-points on the way to the emerging church, and if you hit about ten of those you qualify. Just a thought…

A chorus of individual voices singing a song they’ve each learned on their own, and discovering that they’re singing the same tune. And hey, I’m just preachin’ to the choir.

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