Recalling an email conversation with Robbymac back in January, I realized then that this April 3rd would be the 45th anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal (I was making some analogy about that during the email conversation). I made a mental note at the time to do a blog post on April 3rd to commemmorate it, but I forgot to check the mental Rolodex and the date slipped by a few weeks ago now. So here it is, belated. 45 years ago this past April 3rd, for better or for worse, Dennis Bennett stood up and told his congregation that he had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of unknown tongues.

This is worth mentioning, simply because the events then set in motion eventually changed the face of evangelicalism. Many in the emerging conversation also come from charismatic backgrounds, so it has significance to some of us for this reason. I personally now consider myself post-charismatic (not “anti-“) but I value my charismatic heritage as I value my conservative evangelical heritage that came before it.

This all comes to mind again as I was reviewing a draft copy of the first section of Robbymac’s forthcoming work on “The Post-Charismatics,” which I have just had the privilege (a word I don’t insert here matter-of-factly: thanks, Rob) of previewing. Sorry, no link to provide just yet, but I can say to that those who are aware of this project of his and are waiting for it will find his work worth the wait.

Anway, happy anniversary, charismatics!

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