Jason Clark is asking questions about preaching — not exactly the same as I was bringing up in my prior post, but about the future of preaching. Some good discussion going on over there.

I recall an audio series by John Piper on preaching which was quite inspirational and helpful to preachers, as I recall at the time. Rather much moreso than the homiletics course I took in college.

For me, I recall preaching a “sermon” back in 1998 — the first “multimedia” sermon we had ever done in our church. Rather than a “traditional” message on that Palm Sunday, I simply outlined the events of holy week and the crucifixion, using a lot of visuals on screen as I spoke, basically just telling the story and not trying to draw many conclusions, points, or applications based upon it. The whole thing seemed to come off rather powerfully for some people, and was quite engaging, holding people’s focus for about 50 minutes, much longer than a normal sermon would run. A friend later told me he thought it was one of the best sermons I had done… and I suspected then that we were entering a new era in preaching.

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