Adrian over at sent me an email the other day asking if they could use my blog entry, To clarify this ‘journey’… on the site. The site is an excellent one, and I told Adrian so when I (of course) told him to go ahead and make use of the piece, which is now published in the Reflection section of the site (minus the hyperlinks I used within the original post).

Being asked about re-publishing the entry, and seeing it up on someone else’s site reminds me again how it resonated with people far beyond what I’d expected… I really did publish it mostly as an aid in my own thought process, so it’s actually nice to know I’m not alone out there… I’m still working through each of the nine longings one by one in additional blog posts… the series will probably end up as ten longings when I’m done, the tenth one being that I long for a church that isn’t given to fads, passing books, pilgrimages, or trendy conference topics. I never liked the whiplash I kept getting from the shift from one revolutionary insight (with its own book, conference, or pilgrimage) to the next.

So if you have never done so, drop by and have a good browse around, there’s lots of rich stuff there. I was surprised to realize I hadn’t linked them yet, though I do drop in there semi-regularly…. situation now rectified.

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