Why put up with it anywhere? This powerful but disturbing TV commercial was apparently banned on network and cable television stations in the USA. (Foregoing links via Will, whose links are via Dan.)

Little wonder I suppose, as the USA wants to continue landmine use instead of signing a global treaty, at which I continue to be appalled. Despite the failing of the US Government to get with the program, 80% of Americans want to sign the treaty…. so what’s with the US Administration? There is absolutely no justifiable reason for the use of landmines, no matter what George & Co. would have you believe. Bruce Cockburn has been outspoken on this issue for some time but there’s obviously more to be done; at least the UN hasn’t got their head in the sand. For still more links on the subject, visit banminesusa.org and click “For More Information.”

What would you do if you had to worry about landmines every time you went to the store, took a drive in the countryside or went to see your doctor? [Link]

Contrary to some, I don’t think this is fearmongering… it’s just that most of us can’t relate when it’s not in our faces… you know, it’s only the same as when people die from malnutrition. Am I harsh? Yes. Is this TV commercial disturbing? You bet. Of course, you and I have probably not got landmines planted in our backyards.

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