Rick Luoni asks the question captioned above concerning the Time list everyone’s blogging about. [Scathing comment alert.]

He has an reasonable take on the question, but I had a different response pop into my mind right away… The Time Magazine list, yes. The Christianity Today list, maybe not.

The logic is fairly straightforward… the last time he was here, the religious leaders of the day were made, er, uncomfortable by his teaching, which made him, uh, unpopular with them. To the general populace though, they loved his message. Forget feeding them, just drawing a crowd of more than 5,000 was radical. You gotta know he was popular with the common folk… which begs the question, if the church isn’t so popular with the common folk, what’s going wrong?

Biggest question for me in considering Rick’s question was whether Jesus would be considered an Evangelical?

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