Not a bad dream but a Leadership Journal article by Tim Keel in which he tells how his preaching moved from the seminary-style prepared sermon to something deeper, more spontaneous, and inherently more personal. Also mentioned on Tim’s blog, it’s a challenging piece to all who preach.

I sensed God inviting me to something more than preaching. This was an opportunity to be discipled by him for the benefit of the people I was among and for my benefit. So I grudgingly agreed to not prepare. Even though the group was never the same, I also had a sense that I wasn’t to preach the same message twice.

Instead I would show up and let God provide the words I needed to say, based on the people, their context, and what was happening inside me. So that’s what I did for almost two weeks. Every single time for 11 days I wrestled with God on this issue, and every single time I was obedient, and he provided what I needed to say.

I have never felt so alive!

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