For those who missed it, here’s the transcript of the February 1st Larry King Live episode with Brian McLaren, Franklin Graham, T.D. Jakes, — and Tim and Beverly LaHaye. (Thanks to Stephen Shields for pointing this out in time for me to fire up the VCR.) The LaHayes did not come off looking too well. If you saw it, you’ll know that this latter notation is being made for the enjoyment of those who appreciate understatement. There were the LaHayes, and then there were the guests that people could like. Interesting differences / contrasts between the tone of the responses by each guest. Franklin Graham got into a bit of trouble at one point and T.D. Jakes jumped in with a comment which helped him out… nobody helped the LaHayes salvage what they were saying. Overall, if I ever have to grow up, I want to grow up to be Brian McLaren.

Update: I forgot to mention, from Larry’s introduction: “And Brian McLaren, leader of the emerging Christian movement, church movement called the New Generation, Christianity with an Edge.” See, there’s no avoiding an emerging church “movement.” Also of note, Aaron is working on getting the video online over at The Voiz, so check over there in a while as well.

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