Ouch. Take a look at this letter on Brian McLaren’s site which is copied as Open letter from a young “prodigal slacker” — an insightful ‘hypothetical’ letter to church leaders (link via Len Hjalmarson).

Dear Church, Leaders:

By now, some of you are beginning to notice that we… have lost interest and have decided that our time and money is better spent elsewhere. For those who actually want to know why, here is your chance to listen – and we know that this may be hard since many of you have learned to pretend that you’re listening to ease your aching consciences. Just so you know, you haven’t fooled us; we can see through your pretentious attempts. However, this is one last chance to hear us out – we may not speak again, so fasten your seatbelts.

…Most of us will never return, at least not to an institutionalized church. We have zero interest in participating in your silly, religious subculture. Honestly, it’s ridiculous, cheesy, and self-serving. We will never give you our money, which we’d rather spend on rent and alcohol, so that you can make your Lexus payment or add to your building fund.

Do we sound too harsh? Where do you think we learned how to judge?

I say it again: ouch.

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