Over at Next-Wave, Brian Orme interviews Dan Kimball of Vintage Faith Church.

Dan, could you briefly explain what ‘Vintage Christianity’ is all about?

To me, it is about going back to the roots of our faith (vintage) to see what the values and emphasis were in the early church and in the teachings of Jesus. I am not saying to go back and act like the early church, or only have house churches emergingw: etc. because they did. We live in a different time period and culture. I am concerned with the emphasis of the early church in comparison to today’s contemporary church mindset. It is like seeing what is vintage wine, and what is Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill or Wine Coolers. There is a difference between the two.

Read the rest of the interview; it’s brief but there are a few good ideas in there. Follow up by reading about Vintage Faith Church: “At Vintage Faith Church, the “church” will not be something you go to, but something you are.” I like that.

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